Congratulations to the following individuals who have been recognized with the John R. Pettit Endowed Leadership Award for their excellence in an administrative role at UW Medicine.


2024Anne Browning, 2024 Pettit Award Recipient
Anne Browning, PhD
Associate Dean for Well-Being, UW Medicine

Anne Browning has worked for the UW since 2002. She earned a PhD in education, leadership and policy studies at the University of Washington while working to support equity and access for a diverse student body. She is the founding director of the UW Resilience Lab and now serves as the associate dean for well-being at the UW School of Medicine and as an affiliate assistant professor at the UW College of Education.

Colleagues recognized Anne’s leadership during the Town Hall meetings held as the COVID-19 pandemic radically changed the way we lived and worked, expressing gratitude for her well-being messages that were comforting during those particularly stressful times. And additionally citing her leadership in well-being meetings and seminars that were relatable and uplifting.

Anne says, “I feel very fortunate to get to help center the well-being of our people in the work we do together as UW Medicine. Both through the pandemic when we showed our vulnerability and humanity in the face of uncertainty and now as we build the structures to provide well-being throughout our system — I am moved by the willingness of our community to create innovative ways to connect and improve our work environment.”


2023Martine Pierre-Louis, MPH, 2023 Recipient
Martine Pierre-Louis, MPH
Director, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Harborview Medical Center

Martine has worked for UW Medicine over three decades, and in the last three years has served as the director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Harborview Medical Center. In her time at UW Medicine, she has brought together three diverse teams and led them to become cohesive departments that work toward greater inclusivity and equitable care: UW Medical Center – Montlake Interpreter Services, Harborview Medical Center Interpreter Services and Harborview Medical Center Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

The colleagues who nominated her recognized how Martine models inclusivity, shows respect for others and for their stories, is an excellent listener and communicator and is “unflappable” in even the most stressful situations. Martine’s leadership creates collaborative partnerships, and she encourages other leaders to connect with the communities we serve — to get to know them, find out their values, experience their stories and celebrate their victories.

Martine says, “I draw inspiration from colleagues that are committed to deep reflection and concrete action towards making UW Medicine more equitable; and from the communities of patients that expect no less of us.”


Cindy Sayre, PhD, RN

Chief Nursing Officer

Dr. Sayre has worked for UW Medicine for 21 years, emerging as a leader in nursing education and nursing practice at UW Medicine. She has served as Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Associate Administrator of Patient Care Services at UWMC since 2017. Her nominations emphasized Dr. Sayre’s warm and authentic demeanor, and her dedication to encouraging, challenging, and listening to fellow nurses. They applauded her for being an anchor throughout the pandemic and maintaining a compassionate, joyful and persevering presence in this challenging time.

As Dr. Sayre says, “it continues to be an absolute honor to serve the exemplary teams at UWMC. The pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges which we have faced. The strength of our commitment to and love for our patients and each other has allowed us to care for our community when we were needed the most. I have the utmost respect for every UW Medicine team member and I am so proud of the work we do.”


Susan K. Peterson

Director of Academic Appointments and Compensation

Susan has worked for UW Medicine for over 37 years, moving progressively into key leadership roles and taking on increased responsibilities to advance the UW Medicine mission. Her current role involves working closely with leadership and teams to navigate academic personnel policies and processes. Those who nominated her referenced her creative problem-solving and meticulous preparation as well as her steady, pleasant, dedicated, unassuming and rock-solid nature that make her the model of professionalism in her interactions with everyone.

“It is a privilege to serve in UW Medicine where we are dedicated to improving the health of the public,” said Susan. “Behind the tremendous accomplishments are the employees who support the fruition of great work. Regardless of who we are and which role we hold, each is important in bringing new and diverse ideas for positive changes. Together, we are better!”


Barbara Van Ess

Barbara Van Ess

Director of Personnel Policy

Barbara has worked for UW Medicine for nearly 20 years, helping guide leadership in a wide, and often challenging, spectrum of personnel issues at UW Medicine. Those who nominated her  referenced her diligence, discretion, thoughtfulness, objectivity, warmth and how her voice is one that others trust and listen to.

Barbara says, “I am fortunate to work with leaders who consistently want to do the right thing, often in complex matters where there may be many objectives and no immediately clear path. It is rewarding to work together from a position of trust. During this particularly challenging time of a global pandemic, I have also been inspired by the generosity and resilience of my colleagues and leaders in UW Medicine, and their willingness to continue to adapt as circumstances and requirements change.”


Marcia Rhodes

Marcia Rhodes

Director, Health Sciences and UW Medicine Risk Management
Manager, UW Medicine Coordinated Quality Improvement Program Plan

Marcia has worked for UW Medicine for nearly 20 years, advancing the clinical risk management efforts, quality, safety and patient-centeredness of healthcare at UW Medicine. Those who nominated her referenced her integrity, professionalism, thoughtfulness, openness and desire to always do the right thing.

“No one wins in litigation, regardless of the financial outcome,” says Marcia. “At UW Medicine, we take a different tack — we work together to learn from our mistakes. It’s a better outcome for our patients and for all of us, too.”