Congratulations to the following individuals who have been recognized with the John R. Pettit Endowed Leadership Award for their excellence in an administrative role at UW Medicine.

Barbara Van Ess

Director of Personnel Policy

Barbara has worked for UW Medicine for nearly 20 years, helping guide leadership in a wide, and often challenging, spectrum of personnel issues at UW Medicine. Her nominators referenced her diligence, discretion, thoughtfulness, objectivity, warmth and how her voice is one that others trust and listen to.

Barbara says, “I am fortunate to work with leaders who consistently want to do the right thing, often in complex matters where there may be many objectives and no immediately clear path. It is rewarding to work together from a position of trust. During this particularly challenging time of a global pandemic, I have also been inspired by the generosity and resilience of my colleagues and leaders in UW Medicine, and their willingness to continue to adapt as circumstances and requirements change.”

Marcia Rhodes

Director, Health Sciences and UW Medicine Risk Management
Manager, UW Medicine Coordinated Quality Improvement Program Plan

Marcia has worked for UW Medicine for nearly 20 years, advancing the clinical risk management efforts, quality, safety and patient-centeredness of healthcare at UW Medicine. Her nominations included repeated references to her integrity, professionalism, thoughtfulness, openness and her desire, always, to do the right thing. “No one wins in litigation, regardless of the financial outcome,” says Marcia. “At UW Medicine, we take a different tack — we work together to learn from our mistakes. It’s a better outcome for our patients and for all of us, too.”