Award Criteria

Nominations will open for the 2025 John R. Pettit Endowed Leadership Award in December 2024. Stay tuned for more information.

Detailed information about the award process follows. If you have further questions after reading it, please contact Cathy Sanford at Thank you!

Who is eligible to receive the award?

This award is designed to celebrate the achievements of professional staff leaders like John Pettit.

  • Eligible recipients include professional staff members who are currently employed by UW Medicine.
  • Preferred recipients will have five or more years of service at UW Medicine.
  • Given the nature of the award, faculty members and individuals who see patients are not eligible.

Note: The award may be given to an employee only once in their lifetime.

Will previous submissions be eligible for the award?

Please feel free to submit your nomination again if your nominee was not chosen as the recipient in a previous year.

Who can nominate?

People employed at the University of Washington with firsthand knowledge of the nominee. This could include the person’s manager, colleague or mentor.

Who selects the award recipient?

A selection committee, chaired by the head of UW Medicine Advancement.

What are the criteria the selection committee will be considering?

The criteria reflect John’s character and his work at the University of Washington. Accordingly, candidates should:

  • Exemplify the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, including going beyond the call of duty in service to UW Medicine.
  • Demonstrate leadership, including exhibiting innovation, finding practical solutions for complex problems, participating in teamwork and exhibiting excellent listening skills.
  • Serve as an agent for positive change. UW Medicine is a complex organization, one with important values and belief systems. A successful nominee should exhibit the desire to grow and change within the organization, to collaborate, and to make UW Medicine better.

What else will the committee be considering?

Successful candidates will:

  • Demonstrate quality work that sets an example while embracing teamwork.
  • Value and respect the well-being of people in achieving large-scale goals.
  • Exhibit an openness to new ideas and partnerships.
  • Bring innovative ideas forward and to fruition.